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(AyatoxReader): A Nice Mix Of Chocolate


It was a normal day, you had just started class. Your mother had sent you to this school, and you were a transfer student from Germany, which no one seemed to pay attention to. It was a normal place, and you took no notice of the people in it. You were that girl that didn't exist, and you sat there silently in you chair, your (E/C) eyes glimmering in the moonlight.

You stared at the teacher, listening to him ramble on about something to do with history as a red-haired boy seemed to have interest in you, his glare piercing like daggers. Glancing back at the teacher, you tried to ignore the sudden uncomfortable feeling his stare gave you. You also took notice of the purple-haired boy a desk infront of you, which didn't look over the age of fourteen, had continued to hug a teddy bear tightly ignoring the teachers lessons. You thought of him as being rude, and no doubt the other boy who seemed to not take eyes off your body, which it seemed to be he was staring at your chest, smirking.

Once the bell chimed to alert students for the next period people piled out of the barren classroom, leaving you with the two boys now having their glares fixated on you. It was uncomforable, the room was silent admitting a feeling of dread bouncing off the walls, and their eyes being so timid like a snakes.

Ignoring the deadly atmosphere, you got out of your desk chair and picked up your school bag, which was light from the lack of materials it held. It allowed you to pick it up smoothly, and proceed to walk out the door, but soon stopped by the red-headed boy who to you was a pervert with no manners.

"What do we have here?" Smirking, the boy got out of his chair and stood infront of you, feet glued to the floor. He seemed to be staring at your chest, which by size was a D cup, and you greatly scorned his actions.

"Nothing you can lay your hands on." You said, trying to sound as if your tone was full of pride, which no doubt set a frown on the red head's face. He still intently stared at you, now looking up at your face, not budging an inch.

"I can get my hands on anything." Grinning, the boy leaned down and turned his voice into a whisper. "Especially a big-chested beauty like you." The man turned around and headed out the classroom door, having the purple-haired boy follow behind him. You were stunned beyond comprehension, and you throat was at a loss of words.

Trying to push the matter out of your mind, you headed out the door into the long corridor hallway, which showed no people, not even a fly. The vibe you got from it seemed off, and you quickly tried to speed walk to your next class, trying to forget about the pervert who made fun of your large chest.

It was a common matter, you were teased about it by every grade you had been in. They called you "slutty cow", and "milk jug", which made you cry for the teacher during class or bother some people who labeled you as a their friend. It only ticked you off as you slammed open the classroom door, walking in to find that no one had showed up yet. It was obviously early, and science was your least favorite subject, giving you an idea which made you spot interest.

You thought since you hated the class so much, you would skip and go take a walk on the school track, since no one ever seemed to use. You had found out that this school didn't require gym, which seemed odd to you. Every school you had went to in your life, even the first year of highschool in Germany, there had been a gym class and you were required to participate.

Pushing the thought out of your mind you stood up from the seat and headed out into the hallway. It was dark and gloomy, and feeling the sudden paranoia hit you, your legs darted fast down the moonlit corridor leading you to what seemed like a kitchen that was dusty beyond repair. You always loved cooking, so the urge of making something filled your body, and you imediantly pulled ingredients out of the barren shelves. Your mother, Katja taught you how to bake muffins, raspberry to be exact. They were your favorite one's and your mother seemed suprised since she disliked such a taste, but let her daughter indulge in it however much she had wanted.

Smiling as you remembered such sweet memories, you rolled the pastry into the muffin tray and slid it in the oven, setting the timer to fifteen minutes. You stared at the clock, towel in hand as if you could speed up time to make the ringer go off, indicating that they were finished. You still had six minutes to wait, and you were so annoyed that you started stuffing sugar cubes in your mouth from merely being bored out of your mind. You were also absent minded and guilty for skipping class on your first day, but you were so bothered by those people you had to sit and have a moment to think.

You were startled as his flashy smile grimaced in your mind, causing you to bang your shin on the table leg. You grabbed your pulsating skin, trying to hold back the tears and be a mature adult. Why was he bothering you so much? What was with his personality, it made you shiver at the thought of seeing such a person again.

As minutes passed and your anticipation grew, the timer had finally gone off, which imediantly made you jump out of your chair and hit the off button on the stove. You pulled the steaming tray out of the oven, towel in hand, continuing to sit the muffins on top of the hot item quietly. You took out a small saucer, and laid a steaming raspberry dotted muffin on the silk like glass, sitting it carefully on the table as you took a seat to eat it and get some things off your mind.

Before you could even take a bite of the steaming goddness, the kitchen door had slammed open revealing the red-head you wanted to avoid as much as possible. Smirking, he walked towards you as your body stiffened. Without any warning or hint of suspicion, he sat down in the seat across from yours, staring you down intently like a cheetah ready to strike an antelope.

"What are you fixing" He seemed to say sternly, looking down at the muffin you still had yet to eat on. Feeling anticipation rise in your blood, you try to answer him quickly, fearing he would get mad at your clumsyness.

"I was just fixing muffins." His eyebrow popped up,still glaring at the raspberry goodness you haven't even touched yet.

"What kind?" You slid the plate closer to you.

"Raspberry." The red-head only sighed as he tilted himself back in his chair, laying his feet across the table intently. What was with his attitude towards me, it was rude and certainly people in Germany never acted like this. You were not used to the manner, and only sat and stared at the boy you seemed to dislike greatly. Sitting up in his chair, he looked at you as if you were suppose to do something.

"Are you going to go get me one or not?" He seemed to say, still impatiently staring at you. Knowing that the situation would get worse, you got up out of the hard wooden chair and put a second muffin onto another saucer, which you dreaded having to clean two plates before next period started.

The mannerless boy just stared at you as your tall silky figure walked towards the table once more, sitting the steaming pastry infront of him gently. He didn't say thank you or anything, just dug into the food you made without any consent, which irritated you immensly. Why were you even letting him eat the damn thing anyway? Surely you weren't afraid of the perverted bimbo.

He eyed you after stuffing what seemed like the whole thing down his throat in mere seconds, then getting up out of his chair to proceed towards you, a wide smile conveying his face.

"To bad i'm thristy now, and you smell quite delightful." You didn't know what he meant by this, and were startled by his sudden actions of shoving you on the window ledge, placing himself ontop of your slender body. He grabbed you shirt collar, and pulled it down revealing you silk like skin, and you noticed that he was eyeing it like a cat about to feast on a plump mouse.

"Who knew such a beauty like you existed." The man seemed to whisper in you ear as he sunk his fangs deep into your neck, all you could do was lay there paralized in fear. He was a vampire, and you were stricken with the thought he was going to kill you. Trying to choke out a scream, he unhooked his fangs from your neck and planted his lips firmly on yours, blocking the sound of your scream with a moan that creeped up your throat mercilessly. He demanded entrance, and forcefully lunged into the crevis of your mouth, caressing your tongue with his. You were shocked by what the male was doing all of a sudden, and as he pulled back you stared at him in awe.

The man leaned over and grabbed the bottle of chocolate that had been laying there for quite some time on the ledge, and poured it onto his finger.

"This should make things more interesting." he hummed, spreading the liquid onto you lips fluently, then roughly continued to kiss you again, licking the chocolate off in the process. You wanted to pull back and refuse, but your body only planted your firm hands onto his back, moaning inbetween the rough friction of his lips.

Once their was none left on you soft lips, he pulled back, staring into your eyes like a emotionless wolf.

"Your mine" Was all he said as he roughly sunk his fangs in your neck once again. You were wondering about what the man's name was, but found no chance as your eyes slowly closed, and you fell into a deep sleep. Why did you feel such emotions for a guy you just met?

You still had yet to figure out such a thing you never knew would fly around in your mind.


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