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-A Sweet Aroma


It was a cold night, you had walked out into the Mukami's garden to admire the flowers that Yuma had planted, the person you looked up to greatly. He was kind, brave, and caring. You both shared the love of gardening and flowers, and you were completely mind blown when you found out Yuma didn't have any friends at school.

"It truly is surprising-" you bent down, stroking your hands across the deep red rose petals, " it's just so unreal that such a nice person could be so lonely, especially that 'good' looking of a person.' You sighed, pulling a rose out from the bush, slowly picking the petals off and letting the wind dance them around in the air. Why were you thinking of someone so kindly when the man didn't even notice you, or even take thought in your existence? You longed to be his friend, noticing he was so isolated all the time, and never really talked to anyone; always having himself amongst the flowers.

Standing back up and brushing the dirt of the back of your skirt, you walked back to the mansion doors, hearing a sqeak as the wooden frame slid open. It slightly creeped you out, and from seeing tons of horror movies you knew when this happens there is always something bad that goes down, it was just such a common cliche....

Once you stepped in and locked the door behind you, you were greeted with a annoying face; Kou. He slightly purred, and gave you a smile you see most of the time when he teases you, which he seemes to do quite often.

'M Neko-chan, what have you been up to?' He paused, chuckling with an amused glare in his eyes, which made you shiver from the heaviness of his aura. 'Ruki is in a shambles right now, he wants you to go and see him in his room to talk.' You gripped both of your arms glaring at kou, you knew you had to answer him, which made you slightly uncomfortable.

'I was just in the garden taking a walk, Is there any harm in that?' Kou snickered once again, moving his hand to your chin, grabbing it forcefully, causing you to look at him.

'I suggest you go now, Ruki is in a horribly bad mood. If you make him wait any longer your punishment will only be worse.' As Kou finished his sentence he disappeared into thin air, leaving you standing there astonished. Knowing you had to follow all the orders the Mukami's ruled, you walked up the stare case and down the long corridor to Ruki's room, sweating from mere nervousness. Once you reached the wooden door you knocked three times, and waited a few seconds for a reply. Which did come, but only spoke- 'Come in.'

Opening the door you slowly shut it behind you and walked to where ruki was sitting. He sat on the edge of his bed, shirtless and drying his hair off. Obviously he had just gotten out of the shower, and you knew this had to be a bad time.

'U-um...' You stuttered, blushing and your body abnormally shaking. 'I-I'll just come back, sorry for intruding.' You turned around and headed towards the door, but to no avail only hit up against it with your face, cursing under your breath from the amount of pain you were experiencing.

'Now now-' Ruki paused, 'Its not polite to leave when a man is currently offering himself to you, now is it?' You blushed as he flipped your body around to face him, and you only became more nervous once you witnessed his sinister smirk.

'B-But-' You were cut short with the colision of Ruki's lips, and the caressing of his tongue against yours. Even though he was a vampire, he to you was extremely warm and his embrace was very secure; making you feel safe.

Between pants and moans from both of you, Ruki had rapped his firm arms around your waist, only continuing to kiss you more deeply then before. It was an inescapable grip, and you knew that for a very long time you wouldn't be leaving it, forever being trapped in his warmth.

Ruki unlocked from your lips and continued to have his arms rapped around your waist. He seemed to contently stare down at you, having a hint of desperation in his eyes, and you could tell a slight blush had arisen across his pale cheeks.

'You kiss better then I though-' He smirked, taking one of his hands and continued to drag it up your thigh, having your skirt follow. 'Now, lets see what else you can do. Don't disappoint me, Y/N.' Ruki chuckled, picking you up bridal style, continuing to throw you on the soft bed sheets, still having that smirk plastered on his face. He climbed ontop of you, staring into your eyes as you were blushing beyond belief.

'W-What are you doing?' You stuttered nervously as he dragged his arm up you thigh once more, only to then rip your skirt off and throw it onto the floor, of cousre; still having that smirk of amusement.

'let's have some fun, Live stock-' He paused, chuckling. 'I seemed to be quite aroused already.'

He whispered into your ear, digging his fangs into your pale flesh. You moaned loudly as Ruki only digged deeper till he couldn't anymore, his was in far to much from the start, and you were slowly losing consciousness from bloodloss.

Gripping tightly onto his back; having the fabric squeeze between your fingers, you cried and begged for him to stop. Ruki unlatched his fangs from your neck, and dropped your back onto the bed once more, staring into your eyes with pity.

'Jesus Christ-' He muttered, wiping the tears from your scared-shivering face, and shortly after pulled you into a warm embrace once again. Why was he being so nice to you? You were labeled by him as 'livestock' and nothing but a 'blood-bag'. Why was he embracing you, and ignoring the blood that ran down your neck? It was clearly giving off a tempting smell, why was he holding back for the likes of you?

'Stop crying-' Ruki gripped you harder, digging his face into the nape of you neck. You could feel his warm breath collide with your skin, causing you to have goosebumps a-line your body, and your blush only grow more noticeable then before. 'I was wanting to see you happy, not crying and breaking down infront of me. That was the whole point in calling you up here.'

You laid there shocked from the reply the man gave you. It was out of character for Ruki, he never took notice in you; but when he did it was always a horrible situation that folded out infront of you, making it almost impossible to escape from his powerful aura.

You took one of your hands that embarced Ruki's back, and wiped the tears that were falling off your face, but lucky you; they wouldn't stop falling. You looked so pathetic, at least that how you thought Ruki viewed you. 'A worthless human with no value. livestock in his in his own way of words.'

He sighed and pulled you under the covers, joining you shortly after. Ruki only rapped you in another embrace and whispered,

'I love you, Y/N.' You laid next to him happily falling into a deep sleep, smiling; gratefully loving you had met such a special person who you shared the same pain with.


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