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It was a cold barren night, you had walked to the church down the street, once again mourning the death of your beloved mother. She had died from heart failure, and it was so unexpected you didn't even have time to say goodbye, and she had left you alone stranded with no one. You didn't know what else to do then to come to the church you so well hated, trying to seek answers from a person you had faith in, but didn't even know existed.

Whilst having tears roll down your face, and having your hands clenched in prayer, you cried alone in the deep loneliness of the abandoned church. It was cold, and the frigid breeze flowed through the building, making your hands squeeze together, and your body to shiver from the normal shock of the freezing air. The long isels that alined the floor were extremely cold to, and from the touch of it your body went numb, slightly paralizing you from the waist down.

Once you were finished with your prayer and got feeling back in your legs, you had stood up from your current seat, pulled up your knee-high stockings, and headed towards the front entrance. You were soon stopped by a mysterious person you had never seen before, and by telling from his facial expression he seemed quite angry, which startled you by the mere sight of him. Something was strange though, he didn't seem like he had intentions of hurting you. The man only stood there, back against the wall and his eyes staring directly towards you, letting a slight chill run down your spine. His eyes were beautiful, such a seductive deep red, like the color of blood seemed to float in his iris. He was so intimidating that all you could do was stand there, feet glued to the cold wooden floor.

He then walked towards you, staring down at your eyes, giving you a cold glare as if you had done something terribly wrong. You didn't know what to make of this, and you stood there silently as the man grabbed your wrist tightly, cutting blood flow off from your hand.

"What are you doing here?" He scowled, baring his very sharp teeth in anger. "You'll get yourself killed if you walk around so defenseless." He unhooked your wrist, and took a step back, getting good distance between you and him. You were at a loss of words, and you couldn't seem to choke anything out, because you were afraid. Why was he worrying about someone he didn't even know, but yet there was a vibe from him that he wanted you to run away and never come back.

"What is a human like you doing here anyway?" You stood there still, trying to say something, anything you could think of that could get you out of a situation like this.

"I-I just came here t-to...." Was all you managed to choke out as the mans face twisted with anger telling you that the answer given wasn't good enough. You were shy and scared, you hardly socialized with other people when you were young and apparently he didn't care for such things.

"Well spit it out Goddamn it!" He yelled as you covered your ears and flinching from his demanding scream. You were petrified, and all he could do was yell at you. You were nervous standing there staring at him, shivering from shere fear of his intimidating presense.

"M-My mother died yesterday..." You seemed to say in a light whisper, choking on what seemed like your own tears. "I used to visit this church with her, a-and I just wanted to pay my r-respects." You stuttered with every word, fear gripping your tone mercilessly. Still shivering you had managed to look up at the man, and had noticed his facial expression softened. It gave you slight security, but you knew the matter wouldn't end so easily.

"Hurry up, and don't come back." Was all he said turning around and heading towards the front doors of the chapel. You stopped him, wanting to know more about the man that seemed to have interest in you. It was a weird feeling, it was like someone was telling you to stop him.

"Wait! I-!" Stumbling, you tripped on the floor board of the building, continuing to fall to the cold wood. You didn't feel anything though, you only felt the warm embrace of the man that held you in his arms. He was gentle, and his arms gave you a protection you've never experienced before. He had caught you in a warm embrace, and it startled you causing blood to rush to your face.

"What?" He said in a annoyed tone, gripping your body tighter. You were scared to say anything and you had a lump lodged in your throat, but you tried not to hold back with the question you so wanted to answer.

"W-What's your name?" The man was tooken back from your request, and he gave you a stare of confusion. You could tell he was kind of like you, he didn't socialize much, didn't have friends, just didn't care for anything that involved people.

"Why would you want to know the name of a disgusting monster like me?" The man seemed to choke on his words, saying something so horrible about himself without any repulsion. To you he didn't seem like a monster, and you (E/C) eyes seemed to glimmer in sadness towards his jumbled emotions.

"You just seem lonely, and I thought y-you looked like you needed a friend." You said nervously, trying to avoid not making eye contact with him as much as possible. "I j-just....i'm alone...I don't have anyone anymore...." You stood there saying those words while tears flooded down you heart-stricken face. You were lonely, you didn't have anyone and were desperate for someone to hold you. Looking up, tears in your eyes and a flustered expression conveying your face, the man stared at you in awe. He looked down at your trembiling body, wrapped his arms around your waist, and embraced you in a tight hug that made you feel safe, giving you that feeling you so desired.

"Subaru." He said, hugging you more tightly then before. "That's my name." Subaru was so hesitant with saying it, he acted as if his name was cursed. To you the name was beautiful, unique and expressed emotion. Why were you feeling this way towards a man you've never met?

"Your not a monster." You paused, "You're beautiful." All Subaru could do was stand there having his face buried in the crevis of your neck, then at that moment he unlatched his arms from your waist and took a step back to look at your sad expression.

"Don't give me something I don't deserve." He said turning around, walking towards the church doors once more. Subaru stopped though and turned around to face you, blush slightly covering his cheeks.

"Will you come back to the church? He said looking at you with an expression of inticipation filling his face. "I would like to see you again." You were suprised by his words, because you thought he would ignore you for such foolish actions, but it was different. You walked up to subaru and roughly gave him a hug once more, an embrace that was so strong that it couldn't break by anything.

"I promise." You whispered, burying you face in his firm chest. Why were you being so un-formal with him, you just learned the mans name and now your hugging eachother for dear life, and you fliched by his lips touching yours. they were soft, and his lips were cold against your warm skin. All you could do was stand there as you took his seductive kiss without regret, and hugged him tightly after he pulled back from your mouth. With that he just disappeared, leaving the slight trace of his soft skin on yours.

You turned around happy that you finally had met someone special, and you knew you weren't alone. Looking at the small mary statue that stood infront of the large cross you only managed to whisper, "I promise i'll be here, Subaru."


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