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Here are condensed updates on what I've been up to lately.

- I got some more videos up on my YouTube channel. Check those out whenever. I even mirrored a collaboration video I participated in with some friends. This video is called "Questions for Socialists". ...Oh, and if you look through my video uploads, you'll see a video version that I did of my first entry that I wrote about ethics!

- I've engaged in a few chat livestream stuff on YouTube. It's been fun and interesting. I've even started to challenge the left and one right statist (and a mutualist-anarchist) to think about what it is they advocate for.

- I'll eventually start livestream debates with these leftists, starting with Wolf Leftist. He's a 13 year old kid, who calls himself a Libertarian-Marxist. Or in other words, a Libertarian-Communist/Socialist/Leftist. If you scroll down, you'll see that we already started debating Capitalism VS Socialism in the comments section under his video response to "Questions for Socialists". He was the first one to respond to this video. Not even 24 hours have passed on the same day this collab video had been uploaded and mirrored.

Not long before I decided that I wanted to debate with him, we spoke briefly in Google Hangouts, after a friend's 50/60 Subscribers livestream chat. He somewhat agreed about fighting for liberty with ideas, so that is opportunity to use the Socratic Method on him.

The Socratic Method is named after the Greek philosopher, Socrates. This conversation/debate dialogue model involves asking another honest questions about his or her opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs. The person who is being asked those questions is left with the decision to respond.

I've used the Socratic Method for debating statists more than once, and it's really good to use to observe and notice how a person thinks and reasons. It's also possible to notice at least one contradictory belief that they share...

One of Wolf Leftist's friends is a somewhat lazy pseudo-intellectual, and is younger than Wolf Leftist. Kommissar Squirrley is the username he goes by on Twitter and YouTube. He doesn't believe statism exists at all when it definitely does. He claims that anarcho-capitalism is a mental disability. Heh heh, right...

I have an idea as to a fun and educational way to make a game out of this debate, but I'll want to go over this idea with the both of them. It's something that's not so win-lose as it is to more of a win-win.

First, I need to prepare myself by doing some research on history, and some basic economics. That's something I intend to start doing this week!

- I now have Discord!! It's a very cool chat server app. I got something installed on it, called Better Discord, in which you can insert custom-made skins.

If you would like to join my most open-server for all friends I have made online, then let me know by PM or leaving a comment. =) I'll PM you the link to the server, along with my contact.

- On LiveJournal, I set up a photo album online of the pictures I took while playing the different variety of board games with my mom and our friends. I've yet to update the album again sometime.

- As for dealing with that pesky catch-22 shit between the DMV and Social Security clowns, I should be able to present a copy of my medical records to the local Social Security Administration building sometime this month or next month.

That's pretty much it as to what's been going on with me recently. A lot of stuff that hasn't been a dull moment at all.
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Old Soldiers, Chapter 12: i'm pretty sure what i saw, but i could be wrong

[AO3 link]

"I'm pretty sure I know what we're gonna see on this video," Venom said, back in her Tracer garb, but still more than a bit blue at the edges and entirely gold in the eyes. "'Cause I'm pretty sure I know what I saw." She gave Angela Ziegler a pointed look. "But... I might be wrong."

Most of the current members of Overwatch Lunar Embassy sat around a table in the ambassador's workshop - even Fareeha, though her thoughts clearly chased rabbits elsewhere. Lena glanced over with more than a little sympathy - she hardly even remembered her mother, and couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have one return from the grave.

"If everyone's ready, I'm going to start with Ana Amari's recording," Winston said, to general assent. "I haven't looked it yet - Athena's just finished deep-scanning the media for anything... inappropriate... to our systems."


Jack Morrison looked at the drive containing the video. He didn't really want to play it again - it scared him. He had some ideas about why, but he didn't like them. Being a super-soldier was one thing. Being... whatever this implied... was another entirely.

He sat quietly in his temporary quarters on the small Los Muertos compound just south of the New Mexico border. He could hear Delgado outside, running her fighters through the training regimes he'd taught her, with that new man, Arturo, acting as her second. Jack smiled to himself, hearing the noise. If we're not careful, I'm going to end up with a pretty good strike team here. Already got one that's not half bad, he thought.

The former - and, arguably, again - Strike Commander looked at the drive a third time, thought, the hell with it, and linked it to his padd. A notice came up, saying the file system was damaged, and he let it repair itself, which took only a couple of minutes, and produced a slightly larger video file.


Winston hit play. The large wall display showed a view through a sniper rifle - a conventional firearm, not Talon make - and Venom chuckled a little to herself. Still using the old-style scopes, grams? Good to know. Through it, from above and from two alleys situated a town that looked hot and had signs in Spanish, a group of Los Muertos fighters spilled out, led on the far side by one all too familiar white-haired super-soldier, on the near side by a woman clearly his lieutenant mirroring his actions, and through upper windows by a set of three sharpshooters. Military tactics against cheap street thugs means a battle that would end quickly, until blam, blam, blam, and all three sharpshooters were down, and there was chaos.

Morrison dodged into view, and the sniper fired, again, quickly - Venom could see Jack all but centred in her sight - and again, that blur, and then, Morrison is fine, and dodging away, and one of the fighters with him is dead on the ground.

"What th'..." said Reyes, as Mercy blinked, and looked confused. Mei looked at the screen, and back to the doctor, similarly confused. "What just...?"


Morrison saw himself spill out of the passenger side of the lead vehicle, face bloodied, just as he remembered. He stopped the video, and zoomed in as far as the footage would allow - the resolution wasn't bad, but the lens wasn't great, and the image could've been shaper. Then, the blurriness got much worse, before returning to sharper focus, and his tactical visor was intact.

What the hell, he thought.

He stopped the replay, and backed up the video, and ran it again, in slow motion, frame at a time, zoomed in as before, tracking his own movement manually.


"Winston, stop the replay?"

The scientist nodded, and motion stopped.

" that last shot at Morrison, slowly."

The sniper's scope tracked the soldier, a second fighter next to him, close by, but not unduly close. The shot rang out, just behind the former strike commander's motion, but still clearly a headshot. Then the blur.


His visor had definitely been wrecked. Whoever took the shot had hit it perfectly, sheering right across his eyes, ripping most of it off his face without touching his skin. Hell of a shot, he thought, complimenting whoever - or, knowing Talon, whatever - had taken it. Then the blur.

He stopped the video, and studied the frame carefully. The compression wasn't too bad, but the resolution could've been better. He zoomed out, and saw the side of the truck in as sharp a focus as it had been a few frames before - just the upper part of his face became an indistinct mass.


"Stop," said Venom. The video froze in place, blur still covering most of the field. She walked up to the screen. "See these?" She pointed at the sniper scope ticks around the frame, still in perfect focus. "And this?" She pointed at a perfectly-focused truck lamppost base, in the upper left corner. "This isn't recorder artefact."

Winston nodded. "I agree. Whatever this is, it's a real effect."

"Sorry luv, but the news gets worse. I saw exactly this happen," Venom said, "though my sight. I didn't talk about it yet, 'cause I figured maybe I blinked" - though she knew damn well that was impossible - "or maybe someone ran between me and Jack right as I took the third shot. But I know I had him dead in my sights, and when I fired, somebody else was dead on the ground."

"You took a kill shot?" asked Reyes.

"Third time, in that mess? Bloody right I did."

Mei looked unhappy and Gabriel frowned, but found couldn't really argue. "...fair enough."

Venom nodded. "Step through, frame at a time?"


Several more frames of blur, and then, one where it seemed to thin, and then form a line along the horizontal centre of the visor, and there the visor was, again, intact, and Morrison saw himself reaching up and activating it, without a second thought, just as he remembered, during the battle.

He flipped through the last set of frames. Nothing more than what he'd already seen - a broken visor, a blur, and an intact visor, in that order. It didn't make any sense. Nothing in the Soldier Enhancement Programme could do anything like that.


Unless it wasn't the SEP.


Several more frames of blur, and then, one frame where the blur, the fog, seemed to coalesce on the right side, and then the soldier's head was to the right, apparently unharmed, and the fighter whose head had been all but out of frame was dead, on the ground, a large section cut out, almost scooped, mostly missing, and Mei made a small choking sound as the view through the scope swept from the dead fighter's body, back to Morrison's intact and dodging head, and back to the woman, and back to Morrison, before the shooter took another shot just too late, into a wall, as Morrison dove down an alley and behind a skip.

Winston blanched, and spread the key frames across the display. Gabriel looked more than a little ill, himself. "I have seen some fucked up things in my life, but that..."

Venom looked over to Dr. Ziegler, her anger controlled, but not entirely concealed. Angela said nothing, staring intently at the images. "Doc? You gonna say somethin'?"


Morrison thought back to the failed defence of Overwatch Geneva, when everything came apart, falling into Angela Ziegler's lab, badly hurt, bones broken, stumbling around in the dark, the only light the emergency exit signs and his biotic field, as he grasped around, looking for the aid kits he knew had to be down here somewhere.

He remembered finding one, no, two, and applying them both, and passing out as another blast hit the base.

And then he remembered nothing until he awoke, having somehow made his way outside, having scavenged a UN uniform from one of the Talon soldiers, and feeling more than a little out of joint, like he didn't fit back together quite right, like everything was just a little off, or a little more than a little off, and he remembered putting it out of his mind and concentrating on getting away, getting as far away as possible, before Talon's UN puppets could get ahold of him, and make him pay for his defiance.

What were you working on down there, Angela? he thought to himself.


"I... this cannot be happening," the doctor said.

"Pretty sure we just saw it," replied Venom.

"What are you talking about?" asked Winston.

"Angela?" the assassin prompted.

The medic shook her head. "I know what you are thinking," she said to Venom. "But you do not understand. My experimental nanosurgeons were not capable of doing what we just saw. Not even the most advanced ones."

Mei jumped in, supporting the doctor. "It's true! I knew that generation, this was not in their operating parameters."


Jack pulled out his knife, pulled up his sleeve, and cut a long gash in his arm - nothing too deep, just enough to test his enhanced healing. The skin knit itself back together, normally, like it had ever since the treatments all those years ago back in California.

He cleaned his knife, put it away, and pulled out a pistol to replace it. He stared at the medium-caliber firearm, not sure he was ready to do what he needed to do, then chided himself for not being enough of a soldier. Enough of a man. It worked.

"Delgado!" he shouted.

"Yeah, Spooky?" she replied from outside.

"Pistol's acting up. Gonna fire a couple of test rounds in here, clear it. Don't freak out."

"Sure you don't want to go to the range for that?"

"It's fine, I've got a fire box."

"Oh, okay. Thanks for the warning."

"No problem."


Venom pressed the point. "You're sayin' that's not some kind of experimental nanosurgeon swarm? 'Cause it looks to me like Ana made that headshot, and then somethin' stole some parts from whoever was nearby to fix it."

Dr. Ziegler rubbed her temples. "I agree that is what it looks like. But it cannot be what I made. If nothing else - I am careful! None of my experimental versions will, or even can, remain active for so long. The last time he could've had access was when the UN moved against the Geneva watchpoint, and nothing from that generation could survive."

"The evidence," said Winston, "indicates otherwise."

"It can't be!" She slammed her palms atop the table. "None of the experimental models from that era could!"

Venom narrowed her eyes at the doctor. "None of 'em? You sure about that, doc?"

Dr. Zhou leaned over to Dr. Ziegler. "I don't think you should rule it out, I could help you go over the old records, over everything that was in there when the fighting happened..."

Angela looked over to Mei-Ling gratefully. "I really don't think it's necess..." and she blinked at a thought, and looked back to Venom. Is... that what you think? Venom's face caught the doctor's surprise, as she realised that the researcher hadn't actually put it together herself yet, and the Talon assassin just nodded, and the doctor bit her lip. "...I... it has been some years, and that was a tremendously hectic - even chaotic - time. It... we should investigate. I would very much appreciate your help in that, Mei."

"Sure, Dr. Ziegler," confirmed the eco-biologist.

"Thank you," Venom replied, nodding. About time.

"God damn," said Reyes, "Could it be more than just him? Could others be... infected?"

"Absolutely not," said Angela. "My nanosurgeons would've impressed themselves with the initial contact DNA, it would be impossible for them to spread successfully. All" - she stressed, pointedly - "of my technologies rely on that. All of them."


Morrison pulled up a trouser leg, pulled off his left boot and sock, and aimed the pistol at the outer edge of his foot. It'd hurt, but it wouldn't kill anybody - particularly not him. But he hesitated.

Do it, you coward, he thought to himself. God damn it, just do it.

And he fired.

The pain was brilliant and sharp, more than he expected, but muted itself quickly. He felt suddenly almost like he was in a dream, half asleep yet fully awake, as he watched his foot splatter, then turn into a greyish and pink mist, and reform, in front of his eyes.


"Meanwhile," said the Talon assassin in Tracer orange and Overwatch white, "I don't think there's any safe way to bring him in alive now. I think our friends should get the next shot."

"No!" interjected Mei, with unexpected force. "That's not what we agreed!"

Tracer, or Venom, looked over to the Chinese scientist. "We agreed Overwatch gets first shot, then..."

"No!" she insisted, even more forcefully. "I will not go along with that!" She looked straight into the assassin's gold eyes. "You are not the only one he abandoned to her death. He abandoned my entire team and I want him tried for that. I want it exposed! I want my friends to be..." she choked a little, and suddenly she was crying, "I want my friends to be remembered! I want justice for them! In court, with it all exposed for the whole world to see him for the monster he is!"

Lena blinked, and blinked again, shocked by the intensity of the normally cheerful woman's outburst, and leaned forward, "Oh wow, Mei, I'm sorry, I know what..."

"No, you don't know!" The small woman shouted. "You know what it's like to disappear for years and wake up in the future but you do not know what it is like to wake up and find all of your friends dead because he couldn't be bothered to send a rescue ship! He knew we were in cryogenic suspension and still alive. At least with you, he thought you were probably dead, but with us, he knew we were alive, and just decided to let us die!"

She continued in a small, quiet voice, "And most of us did. Slowly. In the cold. As the power ran out."

Nobody knew what to say. Gabriel and Winston knew it wasn't that simple, but knew better than to open their mouths. Angela just leaned over to the smaller woman and offered her hand, and Fareeha just sat quietly next to her wife, comforting her in turn. And then Venom found her voice, at last. "I'm... I'm sorry, Mei. You're right."

Lena "Tracer" Oxton took a long, slow, deep breath, and let it out. "I withdraw my motion. Our friends will remain on stand down. Overwatch will try again."


God damn you, Ziegler, the stroke commander thought, staring at his perfectly intact left foot, which moments ago he'd shot through for a second time. He shook with unreasoning fury. What the hell did you do to me?

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Monday, Full of Monday Things

 Death by a thousand cuts?  Eh, probably not, but today didn't exactly start out as smoothly as I'd planned.  

We're getting geared up for a trip to visit the in-laws in Indiana and I had wanted to get the car checked over before we took it on the road.  I dropped everyone off as usual at work/school, and headed for Dave's Auto.  I asked them when they might have time for me, but, alas, it was not today. In fact, probably not until Wednesday, which I agreed to, forgetting that I had to work. It occurred to me half-way home, and when I reached for my cell phone to call them back to cancel, I realized that I'd forgotten my phone at home.  I gave up and got myself a conciliatory coffee at Cladaugh and then made my way back home.  

Having had planned to spend my day dealing with the car, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do, but--you know, it's not like there's a shortage of things to be done, so I'm currently sitting at the laundromat waiting on a final load of rag rugs to finish washing.  Then, I'm going to dash over to the Super Valu or whatever the gas station is across the way and vacuum out the car in prep for the trip.  

We're not even entirely sure we're going to do this trip, after all.  Yesterday wen we were pulling out the air-conditioner to take back up to the attic for the season, Shawn's back went out again. She's in the delicate phase, where she FEELS like she can do all the things, but one wrong move will set her all the way back. She did the ONE WRONG MOVE.  If she's not feeling better by tonight, we will likely cancel the trip because 10 hours in a car is _not good_ for the back.

Mason and I were sort of looking forward to the road trip, because ROAD TRIP! Plus, I was going to make a special effort this time to find postcards of Indiana to send to my various pen pals.  But, we might still be on--even though it will mean leaving without having a chance to have the car looked over. Fingers crossed for things to turn out for whatever is best.

Okay, I think that's my buzzer.  
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(no subject)

I need to dig out my to-do list...

I picked up a few things from the sale shelves at the library yesterday, including a two-disc soundtrack for Fantasia, which was the 50th anniversary digital remaster from 1990. I don't want to know how much someone paid for it originally, but for fifty cents, I consider it an epic score! (er, literally!)

Voltron S4 sure was a thing-- the sort of thing I'll be picking bits out of for a while, likely. It definitely sold me a few shares in Matt/Pidge, deargods.

Since Dragonball S2 arrived, we've been watching that-- with everything else going on, it's nice to be able to sit back and laugh at a guy with nyoi bo stuck in his arse. ^^;;

Oh, and also a 'horror' movie called Teeth, about vagina dentata. I actually rather liked it. Boycritter finds it the scariest movie ever, as apparently he'd never run into the concept of vagina dentata before?

Me: This isn't as much a horror movie as it is a metaphor for growing up with a wish for more control over your body and environment.
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Virtual Garage Sale

I know that most of you are probably getting sick of seeing me mention it, but I promise that this will be the last time that I post a link to my virtual garage sale post. That said, if any of you know someone who might potentially be interested in anything listed there, please feel free to pass along the link. I'd really appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows someone who might be interested in a Roomba (which is listed on that post), please let me know. I'm very much willing to haggle on the price since it's used, but selling it would help me immensely since it's basically the only "big ticket" (so to speak) item that I have left to try selling.

I'm less than $200 away from having enough to cover all of the various bills that will come out of my checking account on November 1st, and from that point forward my finances should be in a much better state. I get three paychecks in November, which is ridiculously helpful all on its own, and I should be getting both a holiday bonus and a raise in December. Add in the tax refund that I should be getting at the beginning of 2018, and for the first time in ages I'm actually not completely panicking about the state of my life in general.
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(sorry this is a couple days late - busy week and trying to finally get my new computer set up! something like 200 updates later, it is getting there...)

This is a weekly check-in! You do not have to check in, of course, but if you would like to comment on the last week, feel free!

If you have a deadline coming up, you can do it! If you need a deadline, feel free to ask!
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(no subject)

Other than it being Sen & Nadleeh's 8th anniversary, in real time, (Happy Anniversary, you two. I knew you'd be fine~) today has been so astoundingly unimpressive and underwhelming that I think I'm just going to go over there-- *vague pointing* --and do anything other than continue today-ing.
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pretty ugh couple of days of play

I've had a few pretty ugh days of play lately - my averages aren't dropping off (in fact, my crit shot number is up a little) but it's felt like I've been sucking, and I've been losing a lot, even outside of free-for-all deathmatch, where frankly I expect to lose, because that is not a good forum for Widowmaker.

I just have to keep reminding myself: for me, it's not a game, it's an intentionally-unfair live-fire exercise.

But lunchtime Overwatch today was better. I was even competitive in FFA deathmatch a bit, but the real fun was an unremittingly funny - to me - game in China where I just kept sending the same piggy swimming in the Garden over and over and over again with boops. Seriously, it was like four times, and he ragequit mid-round because he simply would not learn.

(He didn't even wait 'till end of the round like half his team did before dropping. After that fourth boop he was just RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE I'M OUT. It was one of those "I can hear you shrieking from here." XD )

And then at the end of the round, two more of his team quit too. But there was backfill, which kind of meant we were facing a new team, which was definitely better but we still beat them handily.

I do rather wish that team had stuck together for a bit. People knew their business. It was nice.
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Sorry, Older Lesbians, Queer is Not Your Clubhouse

I volunteered this morning at Quatrefoil Library, like I do, from time to time.  As I was leaving, I ran into an older lesbian (the library shares its space with a 55+ queer-friendly and low-income housing) who saw me leaving the library and assumed I worked there. She wanted to know if the board position had been filed. I told her I thought it had, but they can always use more volunteers, so she should check with the staff when the library was open. I 'leaned in' a little to say that Q Library specifically needs more lesbians.  She leaned in deeper to say, "More *identified* lesbians."  I pulled back and give her the ?? stare.  She says, "Oh, I talked to some woman there not long ago and she was all, 'oh, I dunno, asexual, I guess?'"  I'm standing there with my mouth open because I'm thinking, "And?" and this woman thinks I'm aghast for a different reason and continues with, "I know, right? What did we fight for, eh? So these kids can be 'oh I don't know!'"  She's super affronted and horrified and kind of goes on in this manner for a while.  I just go, "Um." And make my excuses and leave, but in the car, I'm thinking about this exchange and I'm reminded, too, about some other older feminists in my life and conversations I've had with them and I WISH I had had the wherewithal to say, "Look, I'm sorry, but GLBTQIA+ is not some club *you* founded. It's an IDENTITY. You don't get to decide who is a member or not.  That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. Ace and Questioning are absolutely part of the queer spectrum!"

But, I didn't.

I hate that. I also hate the assumption that because I'm (white and) older now, I'm down with whatever they-think-they're-still-the-radicals-but-they-actually-are-the-empitome-of-conservative agenda these other older, white women have.  The moment you say, "we fought for" in past tense, sisters, you're not radical.  Radical is walking in the now, present-tense--knowing what your twenty-something and under comrades are fighting for today and supporting THAT (or at LEAST shutting up and listening.)

I hate this especially now. We need -all- our allies, even the ones that don't fit into whatever image you have for queerness.  You'd think the older lesbians would remember that. You'd think they'd remember what it was like when we were all outsiders, all under attack.
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Meta: The Witch Hunt of the Tamer of Flames [Town of Salem] PG

Title: The Witch Hunt of the Tamer of Flames
Fandom: Town of Salem
Word Count: 1306
Warnings: Implication of sexism and racism
Rating: PG
A/N: The speed at which I which I wrote this is not even funny. Just over an hour, and most of that was editing. I think I'm upset - as both a female and PoC. This is based solely on my own experience and should not deter you from attempting to play this game. This, somewhat sadly, fits the 'Witch Hunt' square on my [community profile] hc_bingo card.

This is based solely on my own experience. )
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I'm working on being more active online. I spend so much time online but I'm always quiet as hell. xD Remember my good old days of random posts? I need to go back to that. =B

Lessee... I'm at 16 out of 25 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. Um......! 11 of them are manga. /o\ At this point I'm not even gonna fight it. ALSO, why is Stephen King's IT so goddamn longggggggg??? I will finish it before the end of 2017 but hot damn. xD (I never read it before so.)

I'm back to reading the Teppu manga, btw. Woo! (I'm, already, debating what to manga to read next. I'm torn between Akuma no Riddle and Hanakaku. I saw the Akuma no Riddle anime a while back but I always wanted to check out manga. (And I guess at this point it would be a good refresher... And I want more Haruki/Isuke, okay? Jeeze, talk about twisting my arm... xDD ) But Hanakaku sounds really good! =S

Ah and does anyone watch Fear the Walking Dead? Cuz I'm so disappointed they killed off a character I really like in the recent episode and I need someone to be angry and disappointed with. xD (ALSO, Channel Zero: No End House! WUUUUT???!)

As for games, Town of Salem has been frustrating lately. I've had a lot of false accusations against myself in the first TWO DAYS get me hung lately. FRUSTRATING.

Oh, and concerts! I wanna go to a music concert in February! I'll prob have to go alone tho. =( Peeps don't like my music. (It's just rock but I'm greatly alone in my alt rock/rock love at home.)

Also, I applied for FAFSA earlier. I accidentally submitted before checking it thoroughly. crap. Hoping I can edit it soon. I applied for next fall. I thought of applying for spring but meh, I rather wait it out til fall. I'm still not sure if I should do part time or full time college. It's going to kill me either way. rip me. x.x;