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So far my day had been 'normal', just really tiring and busy.
Also- posting images on this site is so frustrating, like I can never get anything to work when it involves images, like seriously its very annoying.

Thats why I completely give up with images, so yeah- I don't care about them.

Once again, the damn depression and stress just keeps weighing me down as usual, always there hanging over me continuously poking and prodding at my patience and mood all the time, its just ravaging my life at the moment, and family is defiantly not helping the matter once so ever. So yeah, I'm kinda pissed at the moment, and I'm sure no one is going to cheer me up, but hey- I didn't ask you to did I?

Don't waste your time on something if you don't care to do it, because in reality, most people don't give a damn about my well being, and I'm pretty sure whoever is reading this rant is probably aggravated at me at the moment, (not like I can do anything about it-), so do whatever you want to do- I have no control over it, but to the people who have made it this far- have a nice day, well to your best abilities that is.
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(SubaruxReader): Something Special


It was a cold barren night, you had walked to the church down the street, once again mourning the death of your beloved mother. She had died from heart failure, and it was so unexpected you didn't even have time to say goodbye, and she had left you alone stranded with no one. You didn't know what else to do then to come to the church you so well hated, trying to seek answers from a person you had faith in, but didn't even know existed.

Whilst having tears roll down your face, and having your hands clenched in prayer, you cried alone in the deep loneliness of the abandoned church. It was cold, and the frigid breeze flowed through the building, making your hands squeeze together, and your body to shiver from the normal shock of the freezing air. The long isels that alined the floor were extremely cold to, and from the touch of it your body went numb, slightly paralizing you from the waist down.

Once you were finished with your prayer and got feeling back in your legs, you had stood up from your current seat, pulled up your knee-high stockings, and headed towards the front entrance. You were soon stopped by a mysterious person you had never seen before, and by telling from his facial expression he seemed quite angry, which startled you by the mere sight of him. Something was strange though, he didn't seem like he had intentions of hurting you. The man only stood there, back against the wall and his eyes staring directly towards you, letting a slight chill run down your spine. His eyes were beautiful, such a seductive deep red, like the color of blood seemed to float in his iris. He was so intimidating that all you could do was stand there, feet glued to the cold wooden floor.

He then walked towards you, staring down at your eyes, giving you a cold glare as if you had done something terribly wrong. You didn't know what to make of this, and you stood there silently as the man grabbed your wrist tightly, cutting blood flow off from your hand.

"What are you doing here?" He scowled, baring his very sharp teeth in anger. "You'll get yourself killed if you walk around so defenseless." He unhooked your wrist, and took a step back, getting good distance between you and him. You were at a loss of words, and you couldn't seem to choke anything out, because you were afraid. Why was he worrying about someone he didn't even know, but yet there was a vibe from him that he wanted you to run away and never come back.

"What is a human like you doing here anyway?" You stood there still, trying to say something, anything you could think of that could get you out of a situation like this.

"I-I just came here t-to...." Was all you managed to choke out as the mans face twisted with anger telling you that the answer given wasn't good enough. You were shy and scared, you hardly socialized with other people when you were young and apparently he didn't care for such things.

"Well spit it out Goddamn it!" He yelled as you covered your ears and flinching from his demanding scream. You were petrified, and all he could do was yell at you. You were nervous standing there staring at him, shivering from shere fear of his intimidating presense.

"M-My mother died yesterday..." You seemed to say in a light whisper, choking on what seemed like your own tears. "I used to visit this church with her, a-and I just wanted to pay my r-respects." You stuttered with every word, fear gripping your tone mercilessly. Still shivering you had managed to look up at the man, and had noticed his facial expression softened. It gave you slight security, but you knew the matter wouldn't end so easily.

"Hurry up, and don't come back." Was all he said turning around and heading towards the front doors of the chapel. You stopped him, wanting to know more about the man that seemed to have interest in you. It was a weird feeling, it was like someone was telling you to stop him.

"Wait! I-!" Stumbling, you tripped on the floor board of the building, continuing to fall to the cold wood. You didn't feel anything though, you only felt the warm embrace of the man that held you in his arms. He was gentle, and his arms gave you a protection you've never experienced before. He had caught you in a warm embrace, and it startled you causing blood to rush to your face.

"What?" He said in a annoyed tone, gripping your body tighter. You were scared to say anything and you had a lump lodged in your throat, but you tried not to hold back with the question you so wanted to answer.

"W-What's your name?" The man was tooken back from your request, and he gave you a stare of confusion. You could tell he was kind of like you, he didn't socialize much, didn't have friends, just didn't care for anything that involved people.

"Why would you want to know the name of a disgusting monster like me?" The man seemed to choke on his words, saying something so horrible about himself without any repulsion. To you he didn't seem like a monster, and you (E/C) eyes seemed to glimmer in sadness towards his jumbled emotions.

"You just seem lonely, and I thought y-you looked like you needed a friend." You said nervously, trying to avoid not making eye contact with him as much as possible. "I j-just....i'm alone...I don't have anyone anymore...." You stood there saying those words while tears flooded down you heart-stricken face. You were lonely, you didn't have anyone and were desperate for someone to hold you. Looking up, tears in your eyes and a flustered expression conveying your face, the man stared at you in awe. He looked down at your trembiling body, wrapped his arms around your waist, and embraced you in a tight hug that made you feel safe, giving you that feeling you so desired.

"Subaru." He said, hugging you more tightly then before. "That's my name." Subaru was so hesitant with saying it, he acted as if his name was cursed. To you the name was beautiful, unique and expressed emotion. Why were you feeling this way towards a man you've never met?

"Your not a monster." You paused, "You're beautiful." All Subaru could do was stand there having his face buried in the crevis of your neck, then at that moment he unlatched his arms from your waist and took a step back to look at your sad expression.

"Don't give me something I don't deserve." He said turning around, walking towards the church doors once more. Subaru stopped though and turned around to face you, blush slightly covering his cheeks.

"Will you come back to the church? He said looking at you with an expression of inticipation filling his face. "I would like to see you again." You were suprised by his words, because you thought he would ignore you for such foolish actions, but it was different. You walked up to subaru and roughly gave him a hug once more, an embrace that was so strong that it couldn't break by anything.

"I promise." You whispered, burying you face in his firm chest. Why were you being so un-formal with him, you just learned the mans name and now your hugging eachother for dear life, and you fliched by his lips touching yours. they were soft, and his lips were cold against your warm skin. All you could do was stand there as you took his seductive kiss without regret, and hugged him tightly after he pulled back from your mouth. With that he just disappeared, leaving the slight trace of his soft skin on yours.

You turned around happy that you finally had met someone special, and you knew you weren't alone. Looking at the small mary statue that stood infront of the large cross you only managed to whisper, "I promise i'll be here, Subaru."

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-A Sweet Aroma


It was a cold night, you had walked out into the Mukami's garden to admire the flowers that Yuma had planted, the person you looked up to greatly. He was kind, brave, and caring. You both shared the love of gardening and flowers, and you were completely mind blown when you found out Yuma didn't have any friends at school.

"It truly is surprising-" you bent down, stroking your hands across the deep red rose petals, " it's just so unreal that such a nice person could be so lonely, especially that 'good' looking of a person.' You sighed, pulling a rose out from the bush, slowly picking the petals off and letting the wind dance them around in the air. Why were you thinking of someone so kindly when the man didn't even notice you, or even take thought in your existence? You longed to be his friend, noticing he was so isolated all the time, and never really talked to anyone; always having himself amongst the flowers.

Standing back up and brushing the dirt of the back of your skirt, you walked back to the mansion doors, hearing a sqeak as the wooden frame slid open. It slightly creeped you out, and from seeing tons of horror movies you knew when this happens there is always something bad that goes down, it was just such a common cliche....

Once you stepped in and locked the door behind you, you were greeted with a annoying face; Kou. He slightly purred, and gave you a smile you see most of the time when he teases you, which he seemes to do quite often.

'M Neko-chan, what have you been up to?' He paused, chuckling with an amused glare in his eyes, which made you shiver from the heaviness of his aura. 'Ruki is in a shambles right now, he wants you to go and see him in his room to talk.' You gripped both of your arms glaring at kou, you knew you had to answer him, which made you slightly uncomfortable.

'I was just in the garden taking a walk, Is there any harm in that?' Kou snickered once again, moving his hand to your chin, grabbing it forcefully, causing you to look at him.

'I suggest you go now, Ruki is in a horribly bad mood. If you make him wait any longer your punishment will only be worse.' As Kou finished his sentence he disappeared into thin air, leaving you standing there astonished. Knowing you had to follow all the orders the Mukami's ruled, you walked up the stare case and down the long corridor to Ruki's room, sweating from mere nervousness. Once you reached the wooden door you knocked three times, and waited a few seconds for a reply. Which did come, but only spoke- 'Come in.'

Opening the door you slowly shut it behind you and walked to where ruki was sitting. He sat on the edge of his bed, shirtless and drying his hair off. Obviously he had just gotten out of the shower, and you knew this had to be a bad time.

'U-um...' You stuttered, blushing and your body abnormally shaking. 'I-I'll just come back, sorry for intruding.' You turned around and headed towards the door, but to no avail only hit up against it with your face, cursing under your breath from the amount of pain you were experiencing.

'Now now-' Ruki paused, 'Its not polite to leave when a man is currently offering himself to you, now is it?' You blushed as he flipped your body around to face him, and you only became more nervous once you witnessed his sinister smirk.

'B-But-' You were cut short with the colision of Ruki's lips, and the caressing of his tongue against yours. Even though he was a vampire, he to you was extremely warm and his embrace was very secure; making you feel safe.

Between pants and moans from both of you, Ruki had rapped his firm arms around your waist, only continuing to kiss you more deeply then before. It was an inescapable grip, and you knew that for a very long time you wouldn't be leaving it, forever being trapped in his warmth.

Ruki unlocked from your lips and continued to have his arms rapped around your waist. He seemed to contently stare down at you, having a hint of desperation in his eyes, and you could tell a slight blush had arisen across his pale cheeks.

'You kiss better then I though-' He smirked, taking one of his hands and continued to drag it up your thigh, having your skirt follow. 'Now, lets see what else you can do. Don't disappoint me, Y/N.' Ruki chuckled, picking you up bridal style, continuing to throw you on the soft bed sheets, still having that smirk plastered on his face. He climbed ontop of you, staring into your eyes as you were blushing beyond belief.

'W-What are you doing?' You stuttered nervously as he dragged his arm up you thigh once more, only to then rip your skirt off and throw it onto the floor, of cousre; still having that smirk of amusement.

'let's have some fun, Live stock-' He paused, chuckling. 'I seemed to be quite aroused already.'

He whispered into your ear, digging his fangs into your pale flesh. You moaned loudly as Ruki only digged deeper till he couldn't anymore, his was in far to much from the start, and you were slowly losing consciousness from bloodloss.

Gripping tightly onto his back; having the fabric squeeze between your fingers, you cried and begged for him to stop. Ruki unlatched his fangs from your neck, and dropped your back onto the bed once more, staring into your eyes with pity.

'Jesus Christ-' He muttered, wiping the tears from your scared-shivering face, and shortly after pulled you into a warm embrace once again. Why was he being so nice to you? You were labeled by him as 'livestock' and nothing but a 'blood-bag'. Why was he embracing you, and ignoring the blood that ran down your neck? It was clearly giving off a tempting smell, why was he holding back for the likes of you?

'Stop crying-' Ruki gripped you harder, digging his face into the nape of you neck. You could feel his warm breath collide with your skin, causing you to have goosebumps a-line your body, and your blush only grow more noticeable then before. 'I was wanting to see you happy, not crying and breaking down infront of me. That was the whole point in calling you up here.'

You laid there shocked from the reply the man gave you. It was out of character for Ruki, he never took notice in you; but when he did it was always a horrible situation that folded out infront of you, making it almost impossible to escape from his powerful aura.

You took one of your hands that embarced Ruki's back, and wiped the tears that were falling off your face, but lucky you; they wouldn't stop falling. You looked so pathetic, at least that how you thought Ruki viewed you. 'A worthless human with no value. livestock in his in his own way of words.'

He sighed and pulled you under the covers, joining you shortly after. Ruki only rapped you in another embrace and whispered,

'I love you, Y/N.' You laid next to him happily falling into a deep sleep, smiling; gratefully loving you had met such a special person who you shared the same pain with.

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(ShuxReader): One's True Melody


You were sittting on one of the rooms various stools, your fingers touching the piano keys mercilessly as the tempo kept going on in a beautiful symphony. This was how you spent your free time, sitting here alone in the room dwindling with your own problems. This to yourself was the only way to cure the feeling of loneliness, playing the songs your deceased mother taught when you where young. You seemed to cry everyday from the bullying and the teasing that you couldn't take it anymore, so you decided to do other things to yourself in the empty teaching room to. It was the only way to relieve the pain, the anger, and sadness. No one seemed to care in the first place, and you thought, 'Why should I care about myself when no one else does?' You thought of yourself as being naive and a repulsion to society, and you seemed to always agree with the horrible things people said to you. It was as if you were bullet proof with your emotions, and your sanity so compact no one could seem to break it, but that's what everyone else thought. They thought they had done nothing, continued doing their works of torture no matter what you did. The teachers and parents always said,

'Well, if you don't react to what their saying they'll eventually stop." They were wrong though, all those bastard teachers were lying out their ass. They didn't know a thing that they were talking about, no matter what you did those students still picked and prodded at your poor soul. Everything was a lie, this world, this society, this 'Everything'. Nothing was ever on your side, nothing ever stood by you, no one ever took a glimpse of reality to even think of helping you through rough times. You were this worlds play toy, and no matter what you did to change the fact, nothing ever got better. You decided to completely get rid of your emotions, subdue to everyones madness, and you thought that maybe...just maybe this hell will end. that's what you expected, but you never knew that things would get worse then it already was.

Getting up out of the music room stool you pushed the chair in under the piano, and walked towards the dusty doors. As you slid the wooden frames open dust flew everywhere, and made you cough with the sudden inhalement of pure dirt. That was one thing you hated about this room, so filthy and uncleaned that you didn't even want to be there, but had no choice but to spend time frequently here since you weren't invited anywhere else. The hallway towards the room was also filthy, because no one seemed to use this path anyway. It was quite troublesome, and you couldn't help but ignore your surroundings more then you should. You were already so fulnerable and you didn't need anymore trouble then you already had.

Walking into the girls bathroom on the second floor, (Yes, the music room is on the 3rd floor.) and walked into the first stall on the right. It was silent and had an obscure aura, and the feeling of danger seemed to fill your body with fear. You were tempted to walk out, to go to a different bathroom, but you were already in the middle of going in the first place. You strained yourself, hurrying you ran out of the stall and quickly washed your hands. You seemed to look up at the cracked mirror, and were startled by two green glowing eyes. They were like a snakes, seductive and sinister, almost as if they were glaring and the host was getting ready to unleash an attack. All you could do was stand there with your (E/C) eyes watering in fear, paralyzed from the neck down with the terifying feeling of being killed. It was like this, 'If a great white shark is swimming around you, don't make sudden movements, or you'll be dead in seconds, your body mangled and ripped to shreds in a blink of an eye.'

You tried to ignore the presence, you quickly got soup on your hands, rubbed it together, and washed the trace of anything off you palms. It was like you were drowned with the fear of being murdered, and you were sweating so much it felt as if you were admitting a river from your body. You tried to open the door, but your wrist was grabbed tightly, and your body was pushed up against the sink railing with brute force. The wind was knocked out of you, and your heart seemed to be pounding in your throat. Why was this man doing this to a girl that was completely defenseless, and by no doubt wouldn't hurt a fly?

"Well look at you." The sinister man purred, dragging his slim hand up your neck. "I've heard rumors about you, and i couldn't help to see if they were true or not. From seeing you now though, you really don't look like a whore to me." He took the bow of your uniform and dragged the lacey fabric down his hands, twirling the ribbon in between his fingers. He seemed to have a smile of delight from the situation, and loved the sudden adrenaline it gave him. Why was this pervert so intimidating and Tantalizing ?

"Now now, don't spoil my fun." The man paused, "I didn't come all the way out here to see you without pay? Are you really that inconsiderate of a girl?" You turned away from his gaze, frightened by his words 'pay' and 'inconsiderate'. How did he have any right to say something like this to you, and no doubt violate you alone in a school bathroom.

"I didn't want you to be here, or even be near me." You snarled, "and of course i won't pay for something i didn't want, unlike the girls that kiss up to perverts like you." Glaring into his eyes, you pushed the chuckling man away from you and headed out the bathroom door. You were startled with his appearance, and you desperatly tryed to push the situation out of your mind, but you just couldn't. You were never treated like that by a guy, especailly 'that' good-looking of a guy. All the students called you ugly and if you were lucky normal. Your family just pushed it off and called them jealous, but you couldn't help but look in the mirror and call yourself that in the first place. It was utterly pointless to try and be pretty and beautiful right? It's not like anyone would care in the first place, and what's the point in going through so much trouble when nothing benefits anything?

Pushing the hair out of your eyes, you continued to speed walk back to the music room, and quickly slam open the doors and lock them behind you. You were safe, and you tried to tell yourself that, but you knew that nothing in the enviroment has changed. You were still a pig awaiting to be slaughtered and gutted, and there was no way in saving a helpless livestock like the repulsion you were.

You turned around to face a man you have never seen before, and you were startled by his beautiful appearance. His hair was a glossy blonde with white tips, and his pale skin so luscious and untouched by a fly. He to you was like a god, and you couldn't help but stare at his amazing structure. You walked you slimming legs over to the couch were he resided, and stared down at the totally defenseless man. He had earphones in, and by telling from his facial expression he had not heard you because of the music blasting in his ears.

You touched his head and ran your silky fingers through his soft hair, and you were completely traumatized by the sheer beauty of the color. You've never seen it before, and you thought to take in the sight for remembrance. You soon were paralyzed once his hand hit yours, and you stopped the moving motion your hand was comitting. You thought to yourself about what you should do, but your body could only stand there still in fear.

"What are you doing rubbing my head out of no where?" He asked, his voice full of annoyance, and drowsiness. "I don't even know you, and your being a creeper and staring at me while i sleep." The man seemed to chuckle at your defense that seemed to be never there, and you could only rip your hand away from his.

"I-I wasn't doing anything!" You paused, having blush cover your pale cheeks. "I just was admiring your hair-" The man seemed to open one of his crystal blue eyes, and stare at you with what seemed like a glare of hunger. His intimidating presense seemed to horrify you to the core, but at one moment you cared to notice he might actually be nice.

"Oh, so you were admiring my hair?" He grinned, sitting up on the couch and laying his elbows on his knees. "I would still call that being a creeper, but i really don't mind since your at least pretty." A smile had been dropped onto his face, and it seemed to you that it was weird for a man with that kind of a personality to smile. Before you knew it, he was ontop of your slender body, pinning you down to the floor.

"I say-" He had a glimpse of excitement, pulling on the blouse of your uniform. "You need to be punished for being a bad girl, don't you think?" After those words were said piles of blush covered your face, and you could only lay under his firm body, tears threatening to escape your eyes.

"W-What do you mean punishment? What are you going to do to me?" You were out of breath from the impact of the floor, and your tears seemed to crack your voice immensely. You were scared about what answer he would give you, and you were sweating with fear and anxiety.

"Since your such a pervert-" He paused, eyeing your neck viciously, "I'll make sure i'll treat you like one, woman." The man stabbed his fangs into your neck, and caressed your breast under your school uniform. He was violating you and you hated it, but you couldn't help the other side of you that liked it. You were making a fool of yourself infront of a man you just met, you couldn't even look him in the eyes during this situation that was going down.

"P-Please-" You begged, your tears dropping down to the tiled floor. "Please let me go-" He only smiled, dragging his slim fingers up your neck, scraping his nails up your soft skin. He loved it, he liked your expression of dread that floaded your face. To him it was a feeling of ecstacy, a view that blinded him with lust. From the look in his eyes, and the beautiful appearence he held, you knew from first sight he was a vampire.

"You think i'll let you go that easily?" He whispered in your ear, and bit it with his faint voice traveling down. "Your a treasure to vampires, and yet you want me to let you go?" The man seemed to snicker at what he thought was you being a fool, which to you was a normal reaction anyone would give. You were terrified, and you felt like you were prey amongst everything. This situation certainly wasn't helping your current state of mind at all.

"I don't know what your talking about-" The man looked down at you, galring into your eyes with an aura full of disappointment.

"Don't be naive" He snarled, grabbing your collor and lifting your paralyzed body into the air. "All you humans are nothing but imbeciles, learn to be food and just give in." It seemed like time had stopped when his fangs sunk into your neck once again, making your body freeze in not only fear, but in realization that this could be the end of you, finally. Whispering you held onto the hem of his sleeves, crying what seemed like tears of joy, and smiling all the while.

"Thank you-" Was all you managed to say while choking out breaths of pain, and the feeling of your throat giving out didn't help your voice at all. "P-Please, just kill me already-" The man unhooked his fangs from your soft skin, and looked down at you with emotionless eyes, they were so intriguing and they had this glow to them you had yet to find out about.

"Why would you say something so stupid?" He clenched your wrist, staring down at your jumbled emotioned face. You only managed cry silently, and regret even saying such foolish things to him.

"Im sorry-" Tears flooded down your eyes and fell onto the cold tiled floor, leaving droplets of water to stand still like they were frozen to the slick tile. He seemed to look down at you in agony, and his eyes full of pain. No one in your whole life have ever showed such eyes to you, and all you could do was stare. He pulled down your sleeves revealing the gruesome cuts that alined your arms, and shivered at the sheer numbers that seemed to lay there viciously. All he could do was wipe the tears from your eyes, and move your hair to the side, revealing more of your problems with your so 'normal' face. Almost un-noticed dark circles laid under your eyes from lack of sleep, and strangle marks on your neck from what your family called a loving father.

"Who did this to you?" He muttered, rubbing his slender fingers over your neck, almost in the brim of tears.

"My father, he abuses me quite often-" You managed to choke out from the sheer tiredness and bloodloss that filled your body to the rim. You felt empty and alone, you couldn't seem to find anything to fill the hole in your heart, but something was telling you it wasn't that far away. All he did do was rub the side of your face, and caress your cheek with his cold-dead like palm. Why was he feeling for someone he was just making fun of?

"I've heard you playing before-" He said, standing up and guiding his hand towards you. "I wanted to ask if you could play a song with me." You were flustered by his request, and quickly took his hand and got up off the cold floor.

"Why would you want to play with someone like me? I mean i'm not-" He cut you off, covering your mouth with his hand.

"Your beautiful that's why, and your very skilled at playing the piano-" He smiled, "Where did you learn to play like that?" All you could do was sit down, and wait for his appearnace next to you in the piano seat, him brimly smiling quietly, awaiting an answer.

"My mother taught me-" Tears escaping your eyes you managed to say, "She passed away not to long ago." He only looked at you with an expressionless face again, and his hand seemed to land ontop of yours. Why was he treating me so nicely? No one had ever bothered with such attention towards me like this, not even family.

"What song do you want to play?" You looked up at him, trying to form atleast a brim smile that showed emotion and happiness.

"Anything you'd like." With that said, you began playing a song that you didn't even know, but you played as if you did. You've never heard of it, but how did you play the music so well? To you it was amazing, and the slight moment made your heart flutter. Once the music stopped and the song finished, the room was filled with complete silence.

"What's your name?" He uttered, looking down at the keys aimlessly as you were flustered by his sudden question of your name.

"I'm (Y/N)-" He looked up at you once more, a smile conveying his face.

"I'm shu-" He gripped your hand tighter, "Nice to meet you."

'Shu-" You managed to mutter in your head, trailing off deep into your thoughts.

'Why does he sound so familiar? So....blood lusting and adrenaline kicking to me? It was as if i knew him well deep down, like he was important to me...but why do i have no memory?'

Looking up at Shu and smiling once more, you uttered to yourself-

'Well, there must be a reason this happened....I might as well go along with this, and hope for the best right?"

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(AyatoxReader): A Nice Mix Of Chocolate


It was a normal day, you had just started class. Your mother had sent you to this school, and you were a transfer student from Germany, which no one seemed to pay attention to. It was a normal place, and you took no notice of the people in it. You were that girl that didn't exist, and you sat there silently in you chair, your (E/C) eyes glimmering in the moonlight.

You stared at the teacher, listening to him ramble on about something to do with history as a red-haired boy seemed to have interest in you, his glare piercing like daggers. Glancing back at the teacher, you tried to ignore the sudden uncomfortable feeling his stare gave you. You also took notice of the purple-haired boy a desk infront of you, which didn't look over the age of fourteen, had continued to hug a teddy bear tightly ignoring the teachers lessons. You thought of him as being rude, and no doubt the other boy who seemed to not take eyes off your body, which it seemed to be he was staring at your chest, smirking.

Once the bell chimed to alert students for the next period people piled out of the barren classroom, leaving you with the two boys now having their glares fixated on you. It was uncomforable, the room was silent admitting a feeling of dread bouncing off the walls, and their eyes being so timid like a snakes.

Ignoring the deadly atmosphere, you got out of your desk chair and picked up your school bag, which was light from the lack of materials it held. It allowed you to pick it up smoothly, and proceed to walk out the door, but soon stopped by the red-headed boy who to you was a pervert with no manners.

"What do we have here?" Smirking, the boy got out of his chair and stood infront of you, feet glued to the floor. He seemed to be staring at your chest, which by size was a D cup, and you greatly scorned his actions.

"Nothing you can lay your hands on." You said, trying to sound as if your tone was full of pride, which no doubt set a frown on the red head's face. He still intently stared at you, now looking up at your face, not budging an inch.

"I can get my hands on anything." Grinning, the boy leaned down and turned his voice into a whisper. "Especially a big-chested beauty like you." The man turned around and headed out the classroom door, having the purple-haired boy follow behind him. You were stunned beyond comprehension, and you throat was at a loss of words.

Trying to push the matter out of your mind, you headed out the door into the long corridor hallway, which showed no people, not even a fly. The vibe you got from it seemed off, and you quickly tried to speed walk to your next class, trying to forget about the pervert who made fun of your large chest.

It was a common matter, you were teased about it by every grade you had been in. They called you "slutty cow", and "milk jug", which made you cry for the teacher during class or bother some people who labeled you as a their friend. It only ticked you off as you slammed open the classroom door, walking in to find that no one had showed up yet. It was obviously early, and science was your least favorite subject, giving you an idea which made you spot interest.

You thought since you hated the class so much, you would skip and go take a walk on the school track, since no one ever seemed to use. You had found out that this school didn't require gym, which seemed odd to you. Every school you had went to in your life, even the first year of highschool in Germany, there had been a gym class and you were required to participate.

Pushing the thought out of your mind you stood up from the seat and headed out into the hallway. It was dark and gloomy, and feeling the sudden paranoia hit you, your legs darted fast down the moonlit corridor leading you to what seemed like a kitchen that was dusty beyond repair. You always loved cooking, so the urge of making something filled your body, and you imediantly pulled ingredients out of the barren shelves. Your mother, Katja taught you how to bake muffins, raspberry to be exact. They were your favorite one's and your mother seemed suprised since she disliked such a taste, but let her daughter indulge in it however much she had wanted.

Smiling as you remembered such sweet memories, you rolled the pastry into the muffin tray and slid it in the oven, setting the timer to fifteen minutes. You stared at the clock, towel in hand as if you could speed up time to make the ringer go off, indicating that they were finished. You still had six minutes to wait, and you were so annoyed that you started stuffing sugar cubes in your mouth from merely being bored out of your mind. You were also absent minded and guilty for skipping class on your first day, but you were so bothered by those people you had to sit and have a moment to think.

You were startled as his flashy smile grimaced in your mind, causing you to bang your shin on the table leg. You grabbed your pulsating skin, trying to hold back the tears and be a mature adult. Why was he bothering you so much? What was with his personality, it made you shiver at the thought of seeing such a person again.

As minutes passed and your anticipation grew, the timer had finally gone off, which imediantly made you jump out of your chair and hit the off button on the stove. You pulled the steaming tray out of the oven, towel in hand, continuing to sit the muffins on top of the hot item quietly. You took out a small saucer, and laid a steaming raspberry dotted muffin on the silk like glass, sitting it carefully on the table as you took a seat to eat it and get some things off your mind.

Before you could even take a bite of the steaming goddness, the kitchen door had slammed open revealing the red-head you wanted to avoid as much as possible. Smirking, he walked towards you as your body stiffened. Without any warning or hint of suspicion, he sat down in the seat across from yours, staring you down intently like a cheetah ready to strike an antelope.

"What are you fixing" He seemed to say sternly, looking down at the muffin you still had yet to eat on. Feeling anticipation rise in your blood, you try to answer him quickly, fearing he would get mad at your clumsyness.

"I was just fixing muffins." His eyebrow popped up,still glaring at the raspberry goodness you haven't even touched yet.

"What kind?" You slid the plate closer to you.

"Raspberry." The red-head only sighed as he tilted himself back in his chair, laying his feet across the table intently. What was with his attitude towards me, it was rude and certainly people in Germany never acted like this. You were not used to the manner, and only sat and stared at the boy you seemed to dislike greatly. Sitting up in his chair, he looked at you as if you were suppose to do something.

"Are you going to go get me one or not?" He seemed to say, still impatiently staring at you. Knowing that the situation would get worse, you got up out of the hard wooden chair and put a second muffin onto another saucer, which you dreaded having to clean two plates before next period started.

The mannerless boy just stared at you as your tall silky figure walked towards the table once more, sitting the steaming pastry infront of him gently. He didn't say thank you or anything, just dug into the food you made without any consent, which irritated you immensly. Why were you even letting him eat the damn thing anyway? Surely you weren't afraid of the perverted bimbo.

He eyed you after stuffing what seemed like the whole thing down his throat in mere seconds, then getting up out of his chair to proceed towards you, a wide smile conveying his face.

"To bad i'm thristy now, and you smell quite delightful." You didn't know what he meant by this, and were startled by his sudden actions of shoving you on the window ledge, placing himself ontop of your slender body. He grabbed you shirt collar, and pulled it down revealing you silk like skin, and you noticed that he was eyeing it like a cat about to feast on a plump mouse.

"Who knew such a beauty like you existed." The man seemed to whisper in you ear as he sunk his fangs deep into your neck, all you could do was lay there paralized in fear. He was a vampire, and you were stricken with the thought he was going to kill you. Trying to choke out a scream, he unhooked his fangs from your neck and planted his lips firmly on yours, blocking the sound of your scream with a moan that creeped up your throat mercilessly. He demanded entrance, and forcefully lunged into the crevis of your mouth, caressing your tongue with his. You were shocked by what the male was doing all of a sudden, and as he pulled back you stared at him in awe.

The man leaned over and grabbed the bottle of chocolate that had been laying there for quite some time on the ledge, and poured it onto his finger.

"This should make things more interesting." he hummed, spreading the liquid onto you lips fluently, then roughly continued to kiss you again, licking the chocolate off in the process. You wanted to pull back and refuse, but your body only planted your firm hands onto his back, moaning inbetween the rough friction of his lips.

Once their was none left on you soft lips, he pulled back, staring into your eyes like a emotionless wolf.

"Your mine" Was all he said as he roughly sunk his fangs in your neck once again. You were wondering about what the man's name was, but found no chance as your eyes slowly closed, and you fell into a deep sleep. Why did you feel such emotions for a guy you just met?

You still had yet to figure out such a thing you never knew would fly around in your mind.


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